2.7.07 20:46


Just got back from Huntsville. Went to Finnegan's of course. David was there playing guitar like every saturday. And well he was talking about Mary McGuires shutting down less than 2 months after opening. So after Finnegan's we went to Mason's, but it was too crowded in there so we went to a bar in downtown Huntsville [yeah it doesnt really say what the name of the place is anywhere ^^] and met one of the bartenders from Mary McGuires there. And he just payed for our car bombs cuz we're awesome ^^...j/k he's cool [he also payed a couple of them up at Mary McGuires] so Stephen still got his car bomb ^^. i even told him he's gonna pay for our car bombs ^^ Ok well, I'm a little buzzed, but not too much...I just like to talk [ok well write] a lot when I've had a few drinks ^^.
It just was an awesome day. Went to see Devin for a few hours, he's grown a lot. I think it was around 2.30 when we got up there, around 5 when we left. Went to Burger Kng [usually yuck!!!] afterwards to get something to eat real fast. And well after that we went to Huntsville and that lil story is up there ^^.
1.7.07 08:54

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